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Places we recommend to visit in Serbia

   Beside the beautiful rivers  and the beautiful nature in which we enjoy with rafting, Serbia has many things which could be recommended. It is difficult to list it in a few sentences and pages, but we will make sure that you learn more about some of the most beautiful destinations and events. Magical nature, excellent food, rakija as the national drink, colorful and interesting history, the trumpet sounds  and friendly people are just part of the tourist and national heritage of the country of Serbia.


         Every  year in Serbia are being held different manifestations that attract locals visitors and visitors from abroad. Its an interesting program and content are highly visited and interesting to tourists. Some of the most popular and most interesting events are "Dragačevski sabor trubača" in Guca, "Kupusijada" in Mrcajevci, "Pršutijada" in Mackat, "Dani vina i  meraka" in Nis, "Tortijada" in Jagodina, "Slaninijada" in Kačarevo, International Tennis tournament "Serbia Open" in Belgrade, "Disovo proleće" in Cacak, "Gitarijada" and "Moto meeting" in Zajecar, "Pasuljada" in Kraljevo, "Roštiljada" in Leskovac, "Belgrade Race through History" in Belgrade, "the rise of the Midžor "in the Stara Planina.

        Besides these events, we recommend to visit beautiful destinations rich in exceptional nature and anthropogenic values. Significant historical and cultural value stored Fruškogorski manastiri and the so-called "Serbian Holy Mountain" or Ovčarsko Kablarska klisura which has about 12 monasteries in its beautiful natural environment that each of them tell their historic tale.





     An incredible sight fortified cities and fortresses and ruins that date back to ancient times and are not damaged after many wars, Petrovaradin, Smederevo and Nis Fortress and Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade.

    The Roman legacy and the ruins of Roman cities can be seen next in Sirmium Sremska Mitrovica, the Medijana of Nis, Empress City near Leskovac, Gamzigrad near Zajecar, Viminacium near Pozarevac in the Serbian capital Belgrade - Singidunum.

    Serbia can boast numerous sources of hot and cold mineral water and natural resources of medicinal mud. Besides the large number of spas with water is also emphasize riches air spas that are due to favorable climatic conditions and geographical position, and declared the climate resort. And those who have no health problems and needs for climate resort and mineral waters, surrounded by nature in beautiful spas in Serbia come to rest, spiritual peace and joy. Some of the most popular spas are Ovčar Banja, Soko, Vrnjačka Banja, Mataruška Spa, Selters, Trepca Spa ....

   We must mention the excellent monuments of nature such as the Valley of Lilacs,  Waterfalls of Sopotnica Falls Devil's Town and that its sheer beauty and vast, and what makes them even more attractive are the fairy tales that are linked to them.

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