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Rafting i splavarenje Srbija » OFFERS


IBAR   /category of rapids  l-lII/

- one day rafting

- one day rafting with overnight stay 

- two day rafting

- two day rafting with overnight stay 

- two day rafting with overnight stay and half board


LIM   /category of rapids l-lI/

- one day rafting one of the routes of your choice 

- one day rafting one of the routes + overnight stay *

- two day rafting + overnight stay *



For 1 person


- all our agreed raftings are maintained regardless of weather forecasts or meteorological conditions (except for temperatures below 0C)
-Club carries insurance costs for each rafting participant
-minimum number of participants is 4 persons - for smaller groups there is a possibility of joining the other group


I B A R  - the route


- one day rafting-

UšÄ‡e - Polumir (9 km)

To UšÄ‡e (start) comes with own transport
Estimated duration - about 2 hours
We are helping to transport drivers to your cars left at the start


- two day rafting-

UšÄ‡e  -  fortess Maglič  (24 km)

1. day
UšÄ‡e - Polumir (9 km)
To UšÄ‡e (start) comes with own transport
Estimated duration - about 3 hours
2. day
Polumir - fortess Maglič (15) km
Estimated duration - about 4 hours
We are helping to transport drivers to your cars left at the start



We offer you accommodation in an ethno ambience, private accommodation or motels in the nearby spa, depending on your wishes and the timing of the reservation.


Visit The sorroundings..............

Medieval Castle Maglič (6 km)

The medieval Castle Maglič was built by King Uros, the son of Stefan the Firstborn and the grandson of the great mayor Stefan Nemanja, the mayor of the Nemanjic dynasty in the first half of the 13th century. His bride, France's Princess Jelena Anžujska, who arrived in Serbia about 1250, greeted her with gifts and love, which was not recorded in the history of the Royal dynasties. With his subjects, he planted the gorge Ibar in blue lilacs to flourish when Jelena Anžujska arrived in his Serbia. This region has since been left as Jelenin and Urosev, "Valley of lilacs".

Monastery Studenica (42 km)

The Studenicu Monastery was built by Stefan Nemanja, the viceroy of the Nemanjići dynasty. The church was built in the period from 1183 to 1196, while its painting was completed in 1209. In 1208, the sons of St. Seba, Stefan and Vukan laid the body of the Nemanja in the stone sarcophagus of the Virgin Mary. Studenica was and remains the most important among all Serbian monasteries.

Žiča Monastery (16 km)

The construction of the great endowment of the first Serbian dynasty, Nemanjić, began in 1206. There were crucial events for our medieval history - since the proclamation of the Savior Nemanjić for the first archbishop (1219), through the holding of the church-state assembly (1221) - until the crowning of the ruler of the Nemanjic dynasty. St. Sava, from Studenica in Zice, transferred the relics of King and King Stefan of the Firstborn, then proclaimed saintly.

Krstovgrad (6 km) ethno-artistic-medieval complex

Željko Košanin is the creator and main constructor of this timeless building and is one of the initiators of the "Days of Lilac". Inspired by the rich and glorious history of this region, for over thirty years, he has been devoted carefully and carefully to the shaping of this place, open to all visitors eager to see and experience something authentic and unusual. From the hand-made furniture, where there is a replica of the throne of Stephen Prvovenčan, made of a massive piece of wood, through silver samurai, porcelain from the English court, a silver escajg from the Ric Hotel from Paris, to the transcription of important medieval texts, other works of art and top domestic incense , All exemplified by dedication and uniqueness. In this collection are also the sculptures of Ivan Mestrovic and Jovan Soldatovic, Rubens and Kalo paintings, Serbian and Russian icons from the 17th century, King Aleksandar's dagger and many other valuable objects.



L I M - the route


- one day rafting one of the routes of your choice –

Gostun-Brodarevo (9 km) or
Brodarevo-Petrovac (12 km)
You come to Brodarevo with your own transport


- two day rafting + overnight stay * -

1. day
Gostun-Brodarevo (9 km)

2. day
Brodarevo-Petrovac (12 km)

To Brodarevo comes with own transport
We are helping to transport drivers to your cars left at the start
* Overnight in Brunoraft camp in Brodarevo (bags, tents)

Possibility of overnight stay in a motel in Brodarevo

Offer food

In each option there is the possibility of organizing meals in the camp (barbecue, fish, fish and vegetarian) for an extra charge by arrangement
The price of the meal is from 1 - 8 eur !!!
Osman and Halčo - hosts of Brunoraft Camp are in charge of a good atmosphere and a great bench.


Visit The sorrounding....

Monastery Davidovica XIII century

The monastery of Davidovitsa dates from the 13th century, the indebtedness of Nemanjica, or monk of David (mayor of Dimitrija), granddaughter Stefan Nemanja.

Waterfalls Sopotnica (25 metara) -Voice below Jadovnik

Waterfalls on Sopotnica on the mountain of Jadovnik are the richest water, only the river has spread to all sides and has created countless smaller waterfalls. There are three levels, and the largest waterfall falls from a height of about 25 meters.

Kumanica Monastery XIV century

The Church of the Holy Architect Gavrila, known as the Kumanica Monastery from the 14th century. It is located on the road from Prijepolje to Bijelo Polje, at the very entrance to the limestone gorge.


EASY RIDER for 1 person - 30 eur


EASY RIDER is a Brunoraft patent (rubber kayak) that provides a sense of closeness to the river. Complete rifting equipment is available for easy riding..

If you are interested in driving EASY RIDER, you need to assemble a team of two people who follow the guide.


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