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Dragacevo Runion of trumpeters - GUČA



Dragačevo Runion of trumpeters - GUČA

Celebrations in Serbia can hardly pass without trumpets and trumpeters. Sounds of trumpets make  body  dance, and speeds up the heartbeat. Experience that words can hardly describe.

Dragacevo Runion of trumpeters festival is an annual festival of folklore and folk art that is held in Guča, in the region Dragačevo. Several hundred thousand visitors from Serbia and abroad, every year visit the village with a few thousand inhabitants. 2005th In a filmed documentary about the festival titled "Guca"! First Dragacevo Runion in Guča began quite modestly in mid-October 1961st , when the four-part orchestra.

Sabor was invented by a former journalist, "Duga" Blagoje Blaža Radivojević. A major contribution to the design of this event gave the writer Branko Radičević who festival named "Great (national) Assembly" Sa Ovčara i Kablara '. "At the urging of Branko Radičević in popularizing Serbian trumpet and joined the newspaper "Večernje novosti", which was many years later continued to award the "Golden Trumpet" to the most popular trumpeter in sabor.



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